Vayavya Labs re-defines the Hardware-Software co-design methodology to drive down the TIME, EFFORT and COSTS involved in System-on-Chip(SoC)/ASIC roll-out. The company licenses its patented technology and tools to firms in the domain of Semiconductor, System Design and Operating Systems & Tools



Vayavya Labs offers system consultancy, solutions and embedded services to product & semiconductor companies. We provide services and solutions tailored for customers in industry verticals of EDA & Semiconductors, Automotive , and Communications & Connectivity. Our core competency in device driver, firmware, under one team helps customers to optimise the cost of product delivery and Time-to-Market.


Vayavya (Sanskrit name for the North-West direction) is an Electronic System Level (ESL) Design start-up firm. Founded in 2006 and headquartered at Belgaum, north-west part of Karnataka state in India, Vayavya Labs is privately held and venture funded by Indian Angel Network(IAN)