Web technologies have significantly improved over past decade. Browsers have evolved from being applications to platforms. This has led to creation of newer applications (centric around User Interface) migrating their User Interfaces from native to Web. One would expect this evolution to happen in surveillance vertical as well and certainly so, industry is seeing gradual rise in adoption of Web GUI. Most of the Surveillance applications are pseudo Web applications. Some of them are very simplistic with no interaction with the video plugin. Others with richer interaction are entirely done as ActiveX controls with very minimal HTML/Javascript code. This approach worked in an era of Windows + Internet Explorer domination. However with the advent of other browsers, adoption of Mac, Linux and mobile devices, existing approach adversely limits the reach of this solution.

Current Technologies & Solution

HTML5 would be the natural choice. With support for audio, video and drawing primitives, it promises a plugin free Web app for Surveillance. However HTML5 support varies across browsers and platforms in terms of in-built codecs & RTSP/RTP support. Production surveillance application requires support for MPEG4, H.264 and MJPEG along with support for RTSP/RTP over UDP for low latency streaming. Considering these market realities of IE and HTML5, new solution has to be found to resolve the problem.

Next Generation Solution

Vayavya in collaboration with TI, has developed a solution which has best of both technologies. It uses web technologies for all User Interface elements and an open Source media framework to handle Video. Solution is already deployed with several customers.

Salient features

  • Multiple browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari
  • Multiple Operating Systems: Mac OS X, Windows, Linux
  • Completely Open Source: Both UI and Video plugin are based on OSS
  • Video Overlays: Object size selection, Intrusion zone selection, Region of Interest / Motion detection area selection etc
  • Two way audio: Support audio capture at the viewing end
  • Full screen video: We support full screen video


Available Engineering Support

  • UI skinning and customization, including full ground up development
  • Custom video overlaying according to your requirement
  • Integration with different camera platform
  • Applications for iOS and Android
  • Firmware development for the camera


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