Software applications are the key differentiators in today’s embedded systems. Timely availability of embedded software determines the success or failure of a product. Within the embedded software stack, the Board Support Package(BSP) is one of the most-critical components. A high quality BSP needs to be delivered early enough for rest of the embedded software to be delivered on time.

Vayavya Labs’ BSP Development Methodology delivers a BSP significantly faster than existing methodologies thus ensuring that the embedded software development and the product roll out meets the time-to-market requirements (TtM). The methodology is based on our patented device driver generation tool (DDGEN).

Vayavya’s BSP Development Methodology


Vayavya’s BSP development methodology enables significantly faster BSP development in comparison to any existing methodologies. It offers considerable benefits in terms of cost/effort reduction and time to market. Our benchmarking in various customer engagements prove that DDGEN delivers 3x productivity benefits over the manual way of writing device drivers.

For detailed information on our BSP methodology please download whitepaper here.