streaming_ip Vayavya Labs home-grown solutions (IPs) for streaming media  enables customers to quickly deploy embedded products using Adaptive Streaming Technology. Our team has deployed the two most popular implementations of HTTP Adaptive Bitrate streaming (MPEG-DASH and Apple-HLS)  in customer products Vayavya’s MPEG DASH solution is:
  • Fully compliant with ISO/ IEC23009 -1:2  specifications
  • Production ready for 2 popular TV SoCs ( NXP and STMicro)
  • Supports for multiple DRM plug-ins
  • Field tested and benchmarked with interops
Highlights of our Apple HLS  solution
  • Field deployed and production quality (deployed for a leading HDTV global brand)
  • Full infrastructure for AHLS validation is available
Click Here to Download product specification for MPEG-DASH & APPLE HLS