As a testimonial to our engineering strength and domain(STB & DTV)  knowledge  our customers have entrusted with a task of maintaining a System level test and validation center for Digital and Analog TV software. We are actively engaged with two world class customers to help sign-off a production ready software release for their STB and Digital TV platforms.

The highlights of our test facility are:

  •  A semi-automated TV platform functional verification facility
  •  Manual verification for TV software including applications
  • Middleware, application and system level test interfaces
  • Dedicated test harness for UI and OSD testing
  • More than 14K field qualified test cases
  • Test streams for Adaptive stream testing
  • Tools for stream generation for AHLS and others
  • Validation lab equipments & tools:  Signal and pattern generators, playback equipment, MUX and De-Mux equipment

Vayavya Labs experience in Set Top Boxes, DVRs and Digital Televisions help in understanding the Customer Quality requirements vis-à-vis Product Certification. Vayavya has supported customers in Pre-Certification trials – validation and troubleshooting and helped customer products to be certified successfully.  A few notable customer engagements in this domain are: