Backed by its strong domain knowledge in device driver tools and automation methodology, Vayavya Labs offers services for design, development and porting of BSP, device drivers and complete platform software customization.  The services are offered for embedded systems based on major Operating Systems  and desktop environment. . VayavyaLabs has delivered top notch driver software for multiple market segments including SoC vendors, IP vendors and Operating System vendors.

Vayavya teams understand the complexities involved in ‘Bringing-up’ of new hardware / platforms and the importance of Time-to-Market the product. With a strong technical team and effective program and project management skills, Vayavya has been able to meet the expectations of some of biggest names in the industry, with both onsite and offshore delivery models.

Vayavya leverages its strong domain expertise, Operating System and platform knowledge and applies it to the required systems and solutions in the best possible way to help the customer to get the solution to market.

Vayavya’s core skills are in:

  • Understanding the device intricacies (USB, ETH, SD/MMC, UFS etc)
  • Operating System hooks & Frameworks (Linux, Android, VxWorks, Win8 etc)
  • Platform level integration (OMAP, i.MX, Snapdragon etc.)
  • To provide system level solution for an end application (Set-Tob-Box, IPTV, Android powered CE device etc)

While being focused on an optimized solution to the end customer, Vayavya Labs also brings its years of experience of deployment of a solution driven by Usage-Model of software. We engage with customers from the project scoping stage and help in choosing the  platform based on the application feasibility.

For product development companies we act as a liaison partner where a close interaction with hardware (reference board) designers and application development team is facilitated by Vayavya Labs.

We understand the challenges occurring during hardware software co-development and our project management teams are adept at analyzing, forecasting and mitigating the risks involved in such projects.