Universal Demodulator Validation

Look at a brief of how Vayavya has supported client in Automating testing of an Universal Demod and developed a generic tool which can be adapted to your product. Check out the challenges, features tested and different tools used to achieve the final test coverage.

Global Hotel TV Case Study

An overview of the support provided, few details on technical advantages and features Delivered for The Hotel TV platform for European TV Major, for the European market. This first-to-market platform was developed In-house.

STB VM CaseStudy

One of Vayavya’s earliest and most complicated projects, this involved Tao’s Intent Virtual machine to deliver a fully featured STB with Interactive on SD and later HD platform. A large ODC for the UK client was managed from Vayavya’s Bangalore Premises. Read how it was done in this flyer.

IP NC Case Study

Customer’s complaining about your surveillance videos not available through their browser? Read this flyer to check out details on the Browser Independent Video Player for Network based surveillance cameras on one of the oldest global Semiconductor major’s IP Network Camera solutions.

Global TV Case Study

European TV Major’s Mainstream TV line was bolstered by Vayavya which delivered on the highly needed Connectivity features and also supporting with Pre-Certification of multiple features on the TV.

DASH Catalogue

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming over HTTP helps your customers overcome bandwidth issues, firewall problems. To read more about Vayavya’s own MPEG DASH client solution. (This is top level document, to get more technical details Please go through our product brochure)

Certification Support

Vayavya team has the technical prowess and infrastructure to give coverage and provide support for multiple specifications and Standards for Pre-Certification. Most general Multimedia knowhow is covered.

Android Competency

Vayavya’s Android porting competency started off in 2011. Android has been ported on multiple platforms and in recent past Vayavya has also created multiple Companion Device applications for Android devices. This flyer takes a brief look at this competency.

Content streaming by deploying adaptive streaming

Vayavya Labs team has been working on in-depth streaming and analysis keeping abreast of latest developments. A brief overview of Adaptive Streaming technologies is covered in this white paper.

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