The convergence of Computing, Communication and Entertainment has created a new opportunity for Software and Solutions firms. At the heart of majority of electronics driving these markets is System –On-Chip (SoC). The product engineering (hardware & software), validation and field deployment of gadgets and systems powered by the  SoCs face a lot of challenges  in terms of:

  • Hardware-Software Integration
  • Optimal utilization of the hardware
  • Re-targeting and upgrading the system level software  for product upgrade

One can summarize the challenges as:

  • Multi disciplinary skills (application software, Middleware frame-works, embedded software) under one roof
  • Shorter time for product release



Vayavya Labs brings in a unique offering of experienced & skilled team with product engineering knowledge and domain expertise in Consumer Electronics and Connectivity to provide solutions to its clientele’.

Whether it is building a next generation Set-Top-Box, a Connected TV,  Enabling the user interaction via a second screen like experience, Building a Smart App (Android or iOS) for embedded platform, Enabling  a smooth & jitter free  multi-media streaming across devices,  Migrating the multimedia frame works from traditional SDK to a newer platforms like Android , Porting and operating system, developing device drivers, securing the streaming with DLNA and DRM frameworks  Vayavya Labs is your Solution Partner!