Our focus – business & technology

  • Embedded system design and application development services for industry verticals of
    • In-home entertainment
    • Lifestyle & wellness
    • Automotive infotainment
  • Enable media, surveillance and wellness centric devices, cloud with IOT applications
    • Media – video streaming, VoD
    • Surveillance – network camera
    • Wellness – health & fitness monitoring
  • Engineering of end user devices, front end applications for mobile and server development
  • Development of Cloud application on AWS

Our core competency

Key engagement – Device engineering

Broadcast Pioneer – UK
  • VM On Set-Top Box to Retail
  • Time to Market Gains for the Customer
Global TV Brand
  • Video streaming deployment on HDTV
  • Successful Launch In Western Europe
Global ASIC Design Company
  • Global release of software product
  • Our Revenue Based on Customer Revenue
Global Hotel TV Brand
  • IPTV platform with VOD support for Hotel TV
  • Successful Launch in Europe

Multimedia product development

Multimedia device engineering skill matrix

Home Entertainment
  • HDTV
  • STB
  • HDMI sticks
  • Streaming devices
Streaming Platform Creation
  • DivX HD, Apple HLS, MPEG DASH, NCS on MHEG, BBC iPlayer
  • DRM – Microsoft, Marlin, DivX
  • DLNA 1.5
  • Plug-in for – IE, Mozilla, Firefox, ANT
  • Interactive TV
Middleware & Product Integration
  • IPTV stack design, implementation
  • DVB integration
  • Product Validation
  • Validation of streaming products
  • Linux
  • Android
  • Tablet
  • Smart phones
Android Platform Development
  • HAL development
  • Device drivers
  • OTT delivery on TV
  • Camera integration
Application Development
  • Remote control for TV
  • Companion apps
  • TV interactive app
  • Mobile app validation
  • iOS
  • Android
Media Solution
  • Apple HLS
  • TV Companion apps
  • Browser agnostic video player
Streaming Solutions
  • Competency centre on DASH, HLS
  • Demonstrable solution
  • Validation infrastructure tooling
  • 3rd party stack integration
Companion apps
  • Partnership with Civolution
  • Audio watermarking technology from partner
  • Interactive app development

Digital TV – Expertise

  • One stop shop for Digital TV, STB product delivery
    • Design, development, validation
    • Hardware design partners
  • Experts with more than 2 decades of Digital TV background
    • Experts having past experience from Philips, Flextronics, Thomson, Motorola and Nagra
    • Partners for design and manufacturing
  • STB engineering and deployment support in Europe & Asia
    • HD, SD zapper box
    • Hybrid STB (IP + DVB –C/S/T)
  • Dedicated team of engineers for firmware, middleware, CA, DRM and UX & visual designers.
  • Working with leading SOC vendor in TV and STB products
    • ST Micro, NXP, Marvell, Broadcom, HiSilicon
    • DVB middleware with PVR, PIP, webkit, HTML 5.0

DRM projects

  • DRM SDK cross compilation, porting on NXP and Marvell
  • Design of license acquisition APIs
  • Backward compatibility with previous version of DRM
  • Development of file format parser (asf)
  • Integration with ABR stack
  • Compliance check, field trial
  • Integration of DRM on Google TV

Android on multimedia SoC

  • Android adoption on STB SoC in 2009
  • Enabled product with Skype video chat on GoogleTV
  • Deployed streaming on GoogleTV with advanced playback
    • HLS, MPEG DASH, DRM, MSS and CENC with FFMpeg
  • Developed modulator & demodulator functionality for streaming from tablet to STB, TV
  • User mode USB driver, single frequency based DVB tuning demonstrated over DVB-T
  • Seamless switching of android to DVB and vice versa

Receiver validation infrastructure

  • Validation tool for tuner/demodulator for different transmission standards
  • Web based client interface for test automation and logging

DSP Expertise

  • Video
    • VP8 decoder
    • HEVC encoder
    • MPEG-2 Transcoder
    • MPEG-4 Decoder
    • Pre-filtering
  • Processors/ASIP
    • VSP4250 SiliconHive
    • Brubeck DSP Thomson Multimedia
    • TIC64x DSP
    • Intel AVX/AVX2
    • OpenCL / CuDa
  • Audio
    • Mp3 decoder
    • AAC decoder
    • MPEG-H 3D Audio decoder
    • DSP Processors
      • ARM11
      • QMM (Geo Semiconductor)
      • QDSP6
  • Speech
    • AMR-NB, WB
    • FR
    • HR
    • EVS
    • DSP Processors
      • ARM11
      • TeakLite
      • QMM (Geo Semiconductor)
      • QDSP6
      • AVX/AVX2
  • C Modelling Porting to Target Processor Float to fix point conversion Target Specific optimization

    Test infrastructure

    • Test infrastructure set up, automation tools, stream test using Dektec, remote testing
    • Repository of test specs, historical data, failure scenario and documentation
    • Test infrastructure for streaming services & development via scripts and comprehensive media library
    • Full functional tests
      • Functional
      • API tests
      • Basic PQ Tool test
      • CPU profiling test