Vayavya Labs Entity stack is a configurable and scalable implementation of the Entity side protocol of AVDECC. It can be used to implement an –
  • AVDECC Talker or a
  • AVDECC Listener
components interconnect

Feature Support

It implements all the necessary features related to AECP Enumeration and Control, ADP Discovery and ACMP Connection Management. It also has an AVDECC packet handler. It is built as a library with the following features.
  1. Configurable CONFIGURATION Descriptors to handle different kinds of end-points like listener with multi-channel speakers, Live Talker with microphones, or live media playback.
  2. Implementation of all major kinds of descriptor including AUDIO_UNIT, STREAM_INPUT, JACK_INPUT, AVB_INTERFACE, CLUSTERS etc.
  3. Solicited and Unsolicited Entity Notification Mechanism.
  4. State machines for Advertise and Discovery and connection Management for Talker and Listener with timeout support.
  5. AVDECC packetizer and de-packetizer with command and response format support.
  6. Locking and Acquiring Entity support.
The AVDECC implementation is tested on Linux Operating System and works along with the OpenAVB implementation to form a full Entity Stack for AVB. avdecc stack

Demo Programs

Demo programs interface with ALSA for Audio Support and Supported Ethernet IPs include –
  • Intel I210 AVB Ethernet IP
  • Synopsys DW 4.0 AVB Ethernet IP.
The demonstrations include live playback scenarios for showcasing
  • setup of impromptu live performance scenarios with microphones and multiple speakers
  • Setup of a recording studio scenario with stream playback, live recording and speaker playback
demo setup


The Entity Stack interoperates with AVDECC Controller Stack implementation from Jeff Koftinoff. Thanks Jeff. Testing for interoperability with Riedel AVB Manager is underway.