AVB (Audio Video Bridging) is an upcoming Ethernet Standard tuned towards solving the perennial issues of transmission of Audio and Video data with deterministic behavior built into the regular Ethernet.It has remarkable potential to change the industry in the way Audio and Video data is transmitted and AV equipment is designed. VayavyaLabs offers product quality AVB endpoint stack for incorporation into Professional AV equipment.Most of the prominent Professional AV brands are embracing AVB as a promising technology for AV streaming backbone of their equipment. Vayavya has demonstrated AVB with a host of real applications.
Vayavya Labs offers you an AVB endpoint stack with best in class benefits:
  • Conformance – The stack conforms to all the necessary IEEE standards for AVB.
  • Production Quality – The stack has been tested extensively on several platforms and the offers proven quality software.
  • Complete with all latest AVB features – GPTP, SRP/MSRP, and MAAP and AVDECC, 61883-6
  • Key components for Professional AV equipment – GStreamer, Jack plugins.
  • Key demonstrations – multichannel audio streaming (2.1) and real-time playback for live performance scenarios.

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