With the rapid growth and deployment of Android & iOS based devices, the media and entertainment creation, consumption is also changing. Smart TVs, Connected STBs, devices like Roku, Sling Boxes have redefined the way we use the gadgets, applications. Integration of telephony/VOIP, social media with CE devices opens up a new front in technology. This trend is posing the challenge of bringing together device domains and traditional application development skills.

For example Android application demands knowledge of Java and associated frameworks, but the domain requires programming on a relatively resource constrained system. Similar challenges exist for HbbTV systems.

Vayavya team specializes in helping customers to migrate traditional applications form an embedded single box to an environment to an Open Platform and connected environment. We focus on providing complete solution spanning across device segments involving variety of skills.

Following are few of our engineering development activities, carried out with our customers/partners to provide complete solutions.

Retail Experience:


One of our customers, Simple Matters, is striving to transform on-line shopping by sharing content across multiple screens through development of a new cross-platform technology, Melody.  We developed an app for Melody that combines the personalization and control of a smartphone with the impact of large display TV to bring a unique retail experience.

Please read more on www.simplematters.tv

Browser agnostic IP Camera software

ipnc multiscreen

We have developed a Web based solution for IP Cameras. Traditional Surveillance software has been developed as an Active X plugin, which limits it to IE running on Windows platform. The current solution uses and Active X and NPAPI plugin only for streaming and rendering video on all major browsers and operating systems (Linux and Windows, and extensible on Mac). The User Interface has been developed using Twitter Bootstrap, with a well defined API for interacting with the plugin. This enables the application to easily migrate to a pure HTML5 based streaming solution as well. This solution is currently shipping with Texas Instrument IPNC RDKs.
Here is the demo video for this web app:

Click Here to download product brief.

Enabling advanced peripherals on Android


Smartphones and tablets have become general purpose computing platforms which could be exploited for industrial use as well (much like a PC with pluggable cards). A tablet / Smartphone with a USB host / OTG and Android (version 3.1 onwards) could act as one.

Mobile Transmitter

Vayavya team successfully developed an Android application for a USB based custom communication dongle. The application involved writing a USB class driver in Java along with an associated UI to transmit multimedia & control data at high bitrates (>20Mbps) to digital TV’s over the TV white Space. The USB dongle was developed by our customer.

Mobile TV Application

Mobile TV solutions today are essentially OTT based streaming solutions. While they get content to users they are plagued with bandwidth issues.They also lack the true Live experience. We have developed a true Mobile TV solution for Android. This solution can enable DVB dongle OEM’s to support the Android platform without having to root the device or modify the Android platform code in anyway. The solution involved development of USB drivers for the dongles using the Android USB Host API. Multimedia handling was done using ffmpeg. The USB dongle was developed by our customer.