Video streaming and content delivery applications are critical features of modern CE and mobile device. End users demand minimal startup time, continuous video playback and instinctive user interface. Vayavya offers its services and solution to enable products with video streaming capabilities. We offer solution for product level challenges associated with video streaming devices. Typical issues are;
  • Stream playability (TS & fMP4)
  • Multi DRM support
  • Media player enhancement

Design for Production

Vayavya labs (incorporated in CA) provide consulting and design services in video streaming technologies. Our competency in multimedia streaming delivers benefits to OEM and manufacturers of gateway, STB, HDTV, gaming console and mobile devices.


Vayavya leverages its solutions and capability to deliver
  • VoD
  • Video chat
  • Live streaming
  • IPTV and OTT services
We engage with architects and product managers in early stage of design cycle.

Benefits to customers

  • Predictability in time & cost for development
  • Extended support till production and field support

Key differentiation

  • Ready solution of MPEG DASH (both TS & fMP4) and Apple HLS (muxed & non muxed)
  • Track record of developing & deployment of streaming product for global customers

Adaptive streaming solution: key features

  1. Efficient stream switching engine
  2. No open source code, hence no licensing worries
  3. Optimized usage of OS resources
    • Single thread implementation.
    • Executes in media player thread
  • Plug & Play on media framework like GStreamer
  • Internal buffer allocation for fMP4 on-demand profile
  • No memcpy() inside core implementation
  • SSL support for content protection
  • Flexibility of using switching algorithm based on network bandwidth & CPU load switch or quick switch

    Streaming on Android

    1. Productization of MPEG DASH, HLS
    2. Compliance test for HbbTV1.5
    3. Integration with Stagefright API
    4. Encryption support – CENC, DRM, CA, SSL, AES
    5. multiple camera angle support
    6. Media player enhancement for multiple language, audio, AV codes

    Validation services

    Ready test infrastructure
    1. Automation on test execution
    2. Comprehensive product test specs from field & lab
    3. Stream generation tools for creating multiple bit-rate streams at different encoding rates
    4. HbbTV compliance test support

    Case studies: Streaming product building blocks