1_sunopsys.jpg Vayavya labs is member of Synopsys ARC access program. Vayavya labs helps customers to accelerate ARC based product design. Vayavya has provided board support packages and developed device drivers on the ARC architecture. Our software synthesis (Generators) help in cutting the time involved in BSP and Device driver development. For more details please click here.
1_sunopsys.jpg Vayavya Labs is pleased to be working with Synopsys for further acceleration of software development. Vayavya’s Device Driver Generator tool automatically generates a device driver for a target Operating System from an IPXACT compliant high level specification.Integration of DDGEN with the Virtual Prototyping Solution from Synopsys will result in significant reduction of effort and time for Device Driver and Firmware development thus enabling embedded software developers to focus on higher levels of the software stack.
2_st Vayavya Labs has been working with Set Top Box (STB) vendors to provide interactive services for the Indian consumers. The first generation of these STBs are based on STi7xxx and STi5xxx. platforms. Interactive services offered consume low bandwidth and transmission is over data carousels DVB-C/T/S. The interactive services include Games, News, Live Weather and other real time applications. Vayavya Labs is also working towards demonstrating Android based STB and DTV solution (DVB ) using STi71xx hardware platform.
3_cadence Vayavya Labs is now part of the Cadence System realisation alliance. Vayavya Labs is collaborating to combine its software driver generation technology with the Cadence HW/SW functional verification solution, including Incisive Software Extensions and the Palladium XP Verification Computing Platform. Through this alliance, Vayavya Labs hopes to bring in a considerable productivity enhancement in system verification. For more information on Cadence System Realization Alliance, please visit http://www.cadence.com/../default.aspx .
4_spirit Vayavya Labs is a reviewing member of SPIRIT Consortium since March 2008. Vayavya works towards making its tools and offerings IP-XACT compliant to address the need of industry who adopt SPIRIT’s standards The Company also aims to contribute to the emerging standards through its R&D initiatives and participating in various working groups/ committees. The SPIRIT Consortium officially incorporated as an open, independent, California non-profit organization in July 2006 to enable rapid, reliable deployment of IP into advanced design environments. For more information please Click Here
5_arm As part of ARM Connected Community, Vayavya Labs tools and solutions help the SoC designers and embedded system designers to realize their products faster and more cost effective. Our software synthesis (Generators) help in cutting the time involved in BSP and Device driver development. Our tools support the latest CORTEX-M3 CMSIS compliant code generation there by enabling faster application and middleware development and integration. For more details please Click Here

As TI’s third party network member Vayavya Labs provides:

  • Embedded software development services.
  • Engineering services.
  • Tools compliant with TI platforms.

Our focus is predominantly on DaVinci platforms. Various services offered by Vayavya are BSP, device driver development, reference design based on TI platforms and application software, integration of third party software IP components on TI platforms. For more information please Click Here

7_windows As an Windows Embedded Partner Vayavya Labs focuses on providing services in the domain of Win CE porting, BSP development and system integration for embedded device manufacturers. For more information on Windows Embedded partner program please Click Here
8_belgaum IT-Belgaum is a non-profit forum of companies and entrepreneurs from the Belgaum region. The forum members strive to promote Belgaum as a preferred destination for IT and ITeS companies in North Karnataka. Vayavya Labs is one of the founder members of IT-Belgaum forum. For more information please Click Here