HSI™ & Portable Stimulus

Vayavya Labs is a pioneer and world leader in Hardware Software Interface Management Technologies.  Historically, IC teams and software teams in semiconductor company work in their own silos. They mostly communicate with each other by means of a data sheet or a programming guide/book. This means of communication is informal at best resulting in a lot of ambiguities, misinterpretations while creation of bare metal or OS based drivers resulting in potential schedule slippages. Often issues arise when software is already deployed in the field.


Illustrates gap between the IC and Software teams

Today’s problem – teams working in silo

Vayavya’s HSI™ management enables IC team to capture the programming interface of a device in a formal manner. This HSI™ spec then serves as a golden reference for various teams across the design teams.

HSI™ (Hardware Software Interface™) Overview

Vayavya’s HSI™ (Hardware Software Interface™)?

Vayavya Labs also provides driver generation tools generate device drivers for various execution platform across verification, validation and product software. Do write to us if are interested in HSI methodology and want to deploy in your organisation.

At Vayavya Labs’, we’re also working on making our HSI™ specification an industry-wide standard. Vayavya Labs is a member of Accellera’s Portable Stimulus Specification Working Group. This group is working towards creating a standard in the area of enabling verification stimulus to be captured in such a manner that enables stimulus generation automation and enables the same specification to be reused in multiple verification languages and contexts.

Vayavya, as a part of this workgroup, has been the driving force behind definition and specification of HSI™ (Hardware Software Interface™), which in turn is based on DPS (Device Programming Specification)

HSI™ (Hardware Software Interface™) Layer is:

  • an abstraction responsible for device management
  • set of constructs for capturing the Hardware aspects required to implement the abstraction


HSI™ (Hardware Software Interface™) usage

What does HSI™ (Hardware Software Interface™) do?

It essentially helps construct the programmer’s view of a device-agnostic to the underlying verification environment.

Please write to us if you would like to know more about HSI™, its implementation or how it can benefit you.