Heimdall – Vision & Machine Learning Platform

As capabilities of technologies in the areas of vision and machine learning becomes more evolved and mainstream, industries are looking to see how they could adopt these to embrace automation. However, it’s quite a task to identify and deploy the right solution.

Automotive applications require vision based solutions that adapt to specific needs especially in the areas of HiL and ADAS testing.

Enter Heimdall (the all seeing and all hearing sentry of Asgard ), our answer, a simplified vision and machine learning platform that can be deployed quickly and customised easily to suit specific requirements.

Heimdall - Block Diagram

Heimdall Platform


  • Tailor-made for Automotive domain
  • Easy to set-up & use
  • Modular Architecture
  • Easy to customise for different requirements and use cases
  • Rich API based SDK available for easy integration with other systems
  • Automates validation tasks by applying:
    • Computer Vision
    • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
    • Deep Learning based classification & localisation algorithms
  • Lower Learning Curve for better performance

Some of the typical applications where this solution can be deployed are:

  • Automation of Testing of Instrument Panel Clusters
  • Object detection and validation

Please write to us if you are interested in knowing more about this solution.