Industry’s first automated device driver generation tool.

Device Driver Generator(DDGen) is a software tool designed for use by Embedded System Developers and IC design engineers to automate device driver and firmware development.


  • 40% reduction in costs
  • 50% reduction in time to market
  • Almost 95% automated & correct by construction – driver code
  • 4x-6x lesser effort for new board /OS
  • 10x faster support for derivation boards or different OS

The tool methodology allows the user to think in problem domain rather than the implementation domain by providing means to specify:

  • The Device Programming Specification (DPS) which enables the formal capture of the Programming sequence of all peripheral functionality of a SoC.
  • The runtime environment specification called RTS (Run Time Specification) which enables the capture of the software and systems specification of the driver environment.
Overview of DDGEN

What is DDGEN?

The current version of the tool :

  • Supports code generation for:
    • Operating Systems: Linux, WinCE, VxWorks, MCAL, bare metal with a ready framework to quickly support other operating systems
    • Any class of embedded devices such as Ethernet, USB, Communication, memory, or any control type of devices including DMA controller, etc.
  • Generates driver code in ANSI C (C and header files) that an application programmer can use in their designs
  • Supports MISRA C compliance
  • Has Eclipse-based IDE
  • Is Out of the box support for interface controller IPs from leading semiconductor IP providers in the world

Supports DPS which enables formal capture of Hardware – Software Interface which is one of the requirements for ISO 26262 compliance.

Please write to us you if you want to know more about DDGen.