Audio Video Bridging (AVB), now called Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) is a common name for technical standards developed by the IEEE AVB Task Group of the IEEE 802.1 standards committee. The standard enables time-synchronised and low-latency streaming of Audio/Video and other services on traditional Ethernet LANs. AVB/TSN is seeing rapid adoption in Automotive and pro-Audio hardware.

Most of the prominent Professional AV brands are embracing AVB as a promising technology for AV streaming backbone of their equipment. Vayavya has demonstrated AVB with a host of real applications.

Typical AVB setup

Illustrates a typical AVB setup

Vayavya Labs offers you an AVB endpoint stack with best in class benefits. It is based on OpenAvnu, one of the most popular standards, preferred by many in the industry for their AVB equipment.

AVB Stack

AVB Stack – Block Diagram

Some of the features of the stack are:

  • Conformance – The stack conforms to all the necessary IEEE standards for AVB.
  • Production Quality – The stack has been tested extensively on several platforms and the offers proven quality software.
  • Complete with all latest AVB features – GPTP, SRP/MSRP, and MAAP and AVDECC, 61883-6
  • Key components for Professional AV equipment – GStreamer, Jack plugins.
  • Key demonstrations – multichannel audio streaming (2.1) and real-time playback for live performance scenarios.

We also provide product compliance or pre-compliance testing, which includes

  • Setting up an AVB pre-compliance test environment at Vayavya Labs
  • Exhaustive testing of the Ethernet MAC
  • Usage of certification tools, tests and adherence to the certification process

Other related solutions and services are:

  • Develop Proof of Concepts to demonstrate the utility of AVB/TSN for customer specific requirements
  • Testing of AVB/TSN Systems
  • Design & Development of Virtual Models to simulate AVB/TSN based Systems

Please write to us if you are interested in knowing more about our AVB stack or other related services.